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October 27th, 2007

The Drink Tank 148 has almost no mentions of Chris for TAFF at all, but features an article on Stardance -- 'one of the most important films never released.'

October 24th, 2007

In Science Fiction/San Francisco 53, James Bacon lists 'Ten Types of Chocolate That I Expect Chris to Bring With Him on a TAFF Trip,' noting that 'Chocolate and TAFF auctions and fund raising are somehow interlinked.'

October 18th, 2007

In The Drink Tank 147, Steve Green replies to James' and Claire's points from last issue, but strongly suspects 'fannish inertia will win the day.'

October 11th, 2007

In The Drink Tank 146, James Bacon continues the debate about letting future TAFF candidates choose their destination, noting that Worldcons have done a lot to welcome and promote TAFF winners in attendance over the years. Claire Brialey is also concerned - would it 'make TAFF into an explicit contest between different communities within fandom,' all trying to get a TAFF delegate to "their" convention?

October 11th, 2007

Chris Garcia uses his editorial in Science Fiction/San Francisco 52 to give a potted history of TAFF (plus a quick plug for this website!).

October 10th, 2007

In Vegas Fandom Weekly 101, James Bacon explains why he thinks TAFF is important, and why (in particular) Chris for TAFF.

October 3rd, 2007

In The Drink Tank 145, Steve Green and Chris discuss the possibility of changing the TAFF rules to allow candidates to nominate their preferred destination, instead of it always being Worldcon in North America and Eastercon in Europe. Chris is keen of the idea for future contests, but is happy for his TAFF run to be to Eastercon.

October 2nd, 2007

In e-APA 42, chrisfortaff website honcho Peter Sullivan explains why he'll be voting Chris Garcia for TAFF.

September 29th, 2007

In his livejournal, Chris Garcia talks about his support of the Geelong Cats (an Australian Rules Football team), and gets some Aussie support in return for Chris Garcia for TAFF!

September 26th, 2007

In The Drink Tank 144, Chris talks about his plans for promoting TAFF at Silicon - 'Ribbons, poster boards return, and a lot of fun stuff!'

September 20th, 2007

In Science Fiction/San Fransisco 51, James Bacon discusses 'Ten Things That Could Happen to Chris Garcia's Beard While on a TAFF Trip.'

September 20th, 2007

The Drink Tank 143 talks about racism and wrestling, with just a bit of Chris for TAFF art scattered about.

September 19th, 2007

In Vegas Fandom Weekly 100, Chris Garcia writes about his mixed year as president of the National Fantasy Fan Federation.

September 14th, 2007

In Print Zine New Series 3, Chris explains his reasons for wanting to win TAFF - the chance to meet and greet all the English fans he knows but has never met. He even threatens to 'give Greg Pickersgill a giant hug.'

September 12th, 2007

The Drink Tank 142 features a piece by former Chris Garcia nominator (and Hugo award winning Fan Artist) Frank Wu.

September 8th, 2007

The Drink Tank 141 is the 'This Were Worldcon' issue, with articles from Chris Garcia nominators John Purcell and Mark Plummer (along with non-nominator Claire Brialey) about Worldcons past.

September 4th, 2007

In PrintZine New Series 2, Chris talks about waiting for various fannish things, including Waiting for TAFF...

September 1st, 2007

The full results of the Hugo Awards show that Chris Garcia finished 5th as Best Fanwriter and The Drink Tank finished 5th as best fanzine. But then it's a honour just to be nominated.

August 30th, 2007

Former TAFF delegate (and Chris Garcia nominator) James Bacon contributes an article about visiting ComicCon in San Diego to The Drink Tank 140.

August 25th, 2007

The Drink Tank 139 (The Cocktail Issue) contains no mentions of Chris for TAFF at all, but several excellent cocktail recipes...

August 15th, 2007

A triple dose of Chris Garcia on today:
In PrintZine New Series 1, Chris reveals 'another project in the offing: PodZine, the first TAFF Race PodCast.'
In The Drink Tank 138, Chris hardly mentions 'Chris for TAFF' at all, but both his letter writers do...
And as co-editor of SF/SF 49, Chris mentions the official TAFF ballot in his 'Notes and News' section.

August 10th, 2007

In The Drink Tank 137, Chris notes that 'It's hard to say Chris for TAFF when there are other Chises around. It's just kinda weird.'

August 6th, 2007

The Chris for TAFF Art Gallery has been updated.

August 4th, 2007

The ballot form for the TAFF race to the 2008 Eastercon is released. Candidates are Chris Barkley, Linda Deneroff, Chris Garcia, Christian McGuire, plus that perennial party-pooper, Hold Over Funds.

August 1st, 2007

The Chris for TAFF website awakes from its long winter hibernation, with a new design.

March 31st, 2007

The Drink Tank is nominated for Best Fanzine and Chris Garcia for Best Dave Langford Fan Writer in the 2007 Hugo Awards.

November 12th, 2006

The final issue of PrintZine, Chris's TAFF zine, in which Chris promises that he'll 'be back when England needs it most... no wait, that's the King Arthur myth. Never mind.'

November 9th, 2006

Chris talks about the TAFF postponement on his livejournal - 'Am I bummed? A little. I really wanted to finish the race and either way, win or lose, I'd have been happy. This does become slightly troublesome for the future, but I'm planning on putting my name in for the next run too. I've had such a great time running that I'll do it again...for the first time.'

November 9th, 2006

The TAFF Administrators announce 'After endless much debate and wrestling with myriad possibilities, both TAFF administrators have decided that with the cancellation of Convoy, the 2007 Eastercon, and uncertainty about any successor, the 2007 TAFF race will be postponed until 2008,' after consultation with the candidates.

November 9th, 2006

Issue 5 of PrintZine, Chris's TAFF zine, is available for download. Features the 'Chris for TAFF' Drinking Song. Chris reveals that he's planning, win or lose, to write a TAFF Race Report about his experiences running for TAFF.

November 7th, 2006

First version of the Chris for TAFF FAQ goes live on this website.

November 6th, 2006

Issue 103 of The Drink Tank is released. Chris comments on the cancellation of Eastercon, noting that this year's TAFF race has been 'difficult, with things changing left and right, but ultimately, it really couldn't be anything else considering that I'm running...' He also confirms that he (along with his 'Chris for TAFF' sign) will be at Loscon in Los Angeles, where he expects to be asked 'What's TAFF?' a number of times.

October 31st, 2006

The committee of Convoy, the 2007 Eastercon, announce the cancellation of the convention. European TAFF Administrator Bug Bradshaw announces that 'This does have implications for the current TAFF race. It is not clear exactly what the implications will be, and they will be affected by the outcome of upcoming discussion at and around Novacon (Nov 10-12), but [North American Administrator] Suzle and I will be following the situation and looking at options.' In the meantime, the race continues!

October 29th, 2006

Issue 102 of The Drink Tank, in which it is revealed that Chris shares a birthday with Princess Leia, is released.

October 23rd, 2006

Issue 101 of The Drink Tank, including a Silicon report, is released.

October 22nd, 2006

Issue 4 of PrintZine, Chris's TAFF zine, is available for download. Chris writes about his last electoral race, running for College President.

October 16th, 2006

Issue 3 of PrintZine, Chris's TAFF zine, is available for download. Features an informal Chris Garcia bibliography, and includes a TAFF ballot.

October 10th, 2006

Issue 100 of The Drink Tank, a 53-page special issue with 100 separate contributions, is released.

October 10th, 2006

Issue 2 of PrintZine, Chris's TAFF zine, is available for download. Features convention reports from LACon IV and Silicon, and includes a TAFF ballot.

October 6th, 2006

The official TAFF ballot has been released, with Chris Garcia and Mary Kay Kare confirmed as the two candidates. Deadline for voting is Midnight Pacific Standard Time on Saturday 6th January 2007, or 8 A.M. Greenwich Mean Time on Sunday, 7th January 2007.

October 6th, 2006

Chris heads off to Silicon at the Doubletree Hotel, San Jose, complete with his 'Chris for TAFF' sign.

October 3rd, 2006

The open distribution of e-APA, the electronic APA, includes an APA-zine from Chris Garcia - 'The Enchanted Placemat.'

September 26th, 2006

Almost no mentions at all of TAFF in The Drink Tank 99

September 21st, 2006

Chris publishes his Silicon schedule on his livejournal.

September 18th, 2006

Lloyd Penney writes about 'Stalking the Wild Garcia' - a piece about trying to find Chris at LACon IV - for In A Prior Lifetime 15.

September 12th, 2006

John Purcell interviews Chris Garcia in and furthermore... 16.

September 10th, 2006

Official announcement from TAFF Administrator Suzanne Tompkins that the deadline for nominations for TAFF (originally 9th September) has been put back to 30th September. Due to potential problems with the 2007 Eastercon, 'Our delegate's trip may now be taken in the Fall of 2007 instead of the Spring, so we have extended the deadline a bit to allow other potential candidates to come forward.'

September 8th, 2006

More TAFF discussion in the lettercol of The Drink Tank 97.

September 7th, 2006

Vegas Fandom Weekly 84 has another 'Chris for TAFF' cartoon on its front cover.

September 4th, 2006

More on the aftermath of LAConIV, plus some semi-serious lettercol discussion of TAFF, in The Drink Tank 96.

August 30th, 2006

Two days after returning from LAConIV, the 64th World Con, Chris writes up his experiences in The Drink Tank 95. In 'The Match Game SF' (for Brits, 'Blankety Blank SF'), the question "Chris Garcia said 'I was running for TAFF, but instead they elected me to [BLANK]." elicited at least one classic put-down answer...

August 29th, 2006

The latest issue of Chris' TAFF zine, Print Zine 1, is now available on

August 15th, 2006

More TAFF discussion in the lettercol of The Drink Tank 94.

August 11th, 2006

Chris appears on CNN as a computer history expert on the 25th Anniversary of the invention of the IBM PC. No mention of Chris for TAFF...

August 6th, 2006

More Chris for TAFF discussion in The Drink Tank 92.

July 30th, 2006

The Chris for TAFF website now has its own RSS news feed. This means that:

July 23rd, 2006

Arnie Katz's Vegas Fandom Weekly 81 has a 'Chris 4 TAFF' cartoon on the front cover, plus various mentions of the campaign throughout.

July 22nd, 2006

John Purcell offers 'Some Closing Thoughts' in In A Prior Lifetime #13 on 'my reasons for nominating Chris.'

July 17th, 2006

First issue ('Issue #0') of Print Zine available for download from

July 17th, 2006

First version of this web site goes live.

July 14th, 2006

Launch on livejournal of the Chris for TAFF Cafe Press store - all items marked up with a $1.01 profit for TAFF. Chris especially recommends 'the Baseball Jersey because they're very nice and perfect of certain occasions.'

July 12th, 2006

Chris also announces his candidacy in his livejournal, and talks about various ideas for raising money for TAFF. He also pledges to get his trip report out within 30 days if elected.

July 5th, 2006

Chris also announces his candidacy in Science Fiction/San Francisco 25.

July 3rd, 2006

Chris explains in an editorial for The Drink Tank 87 'why I am running for TAFF'.

June 27th, 2006

First mention of Chris for TAFF as a bacover 'teaser' in The Drink Tank 86.

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