C'est Magnifique Back Issues

C'est Magnifique (CMag) was the postal games fanzeen I ran for 142 issues, from 1985 to 1994. I won't ever have a full set of back-issues available on-line. But, inspired by Stephen Agar's scans of classic zeens, I have scanned the occasional issue, mainly for my own amusement or interest. Note that, in most cases, these are scans of the mimeo file copies. They are therefore of somewhat variable quality/legibility.

It was revived in 2013 to provide a home for the detailed games reports for the Octopus's Garden 7 x 7 Gunboat Diplomacy Tournament.

Forward Issue 5 (PDF) - June 1985 - discussion of trivial press, Diplomacy variant rating systems.

Forward Issue 16 (PDF) - February 1986 - Future of the Zeen editorial, obscure Forry Ackerman reference.

Forward Issue 55 (HTML) - July 1988 - World Dip Con I special issue, top ten Diplomacy Variants.

Forward Issue 111 (PDF) - February 1992 - 1991 Zeen Poll Results, various press sagas in the game reports.

Forward Issue 140 (PDF) - June 1994 - the "Georgia Gas Station Incident," Sullivan/Agar letterfeud.

ObDisclaimer: Note that all references to addresses, phone numbers, e-mail details, web sites, prices and dates mentioned in these issues should be assumed to be defunct or obsolete. Certainly all of mine are. Best way to contact me is via my current e-mail address, peter@burdonvale.co.uk.